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Jordan & beyond is a relatively young DMC company with passion to serve guests of Jordan, the experience of our staff extends for more than 10 years at least in travel and tourism business in the middle east area. We are professional inbound with a team with experience over 10 years in the tourism field.

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Phone: +962 6 5347272
Address: P.O. Box: 2870 Amman 11941 Jordan Amman Jordan

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Amman the capital of Jordan is a city which geographically straddles seven hills and historically sits astride many centuries. The city’s modern buildings blend with the remnants of ancient civilizations. The profusion of gleaming white houses, kebab stalls with roasting meat, and tiny cafes where rich Arabian coffee is sipped in the afternoon sunshine, conjure a mood straight from a thousand and one nights. It is a city with a timeless ambiance, where a slight detour off the beaten track reveals the wonders of a Bronze Age settlement or a Byzantine monastery. In its souqs (markets), you can bargain for fruit, perfume, gold or other exquisite luxuries of the Middle East. For Businessmen, Amman offers the most up-to-date convention and communication facilities. Its strategic position and convivial atmosphere, make it one of the foremost centers of finance & trade in the Middle East today


  • The Byzantine Church: The remains of a small Byzantine Basilica. Corinthian columns mark the site, which is thought to date from the 6th or 7th century AD.
  • Temple Of Hercules: About 100 meters south of the church is what is thought to have been the Temple of Hercules, today also known as the Great Temple of Amman. The temple was built in the reign of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius (161-180 AD).
  • Umayyad Palace: The most impressive building of the Citadel is known simply as Al-Qaser (the Palace), which dates back to the Islamic Umayyad period around 720 AD. Its exact function is unknown, but the building includes a monumental gateway, cruciform audience hall and four vaulted chambers. A colonnaded street runs through the complex and to the north and east, ruins of the palace grounds are visible.

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